Recent decades have reported massive growth in both the betting and casino industries. The popularity of virtual gambling has led to increased competition among casinos. Consequently, we can notice new websites appearing every day. 

However, not all casino operators have honest business practices. It is no secret that there are scammers all across the web. As a result, regulating institutions have emerged as an essential layer of players’ protection. Since there’s no one global licensing institution, regulating casino business came down to several auditory entities. 

Therefore, the question is—who regulates casinos? Read on, as you’ll learn more about online casinos and their licensing. 

The Importance Of Regulation

Before you deposit money into the casino’s account, you want to be safe in the knowledge your cash is at a secure place. Hence, you expect a fair and honest relationship from the operator. Although most gambling venues are trustworthy, there are operators with questionable business practices. 

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Introduction To Virtual Casino Legislation: Who Regulates Casinos?

Licensing entities exist to maintain proper accounting practices and procedures. Thus, the license is what distinguishes fair casinos from rogue ones. Therefore, when looking for a casino, the first thing you should do is to check its license. 

When the operator has appropriate permits, you can expect it to keep your money safe, have a transparent business policy, and offer a fair gambling environment. 

Moreover, casino regulations make it easier for players to resolve disputes. Hence, you can address the appropriate licensing authority to file a complaint against a casino operator. Then, the regulatory entity takes over your case and resolves the issue. 

Licenses Have Different Jurisdictions

If you want to check if your chosen casino has an appropriate license, you can do that by scrolling down to the bottom of its website. The bottom section of the casino web page most commonly contains licensing information with a link that leads you directly to the official regulatory body’s site. You’ll typically encounter some of the following licensing entities:

Keep in mind that you can also take a peek at their database when looking at who regulates casinos. That way, you can also find out when the selected casino got its license from the mentioned entity.

Offshore And Country-Level Regulations

Licensing institutions differ in many ways. While some entities are strict, others come with fewer rules and little to no demands in terms of transparency. Therefore, we can conclude that some regulations are more effective than others. 

Those licensing institutions that overwatch only one country are typically more strict. Most of the regulatory bodies allow players from around the world. However, France and Italy typically focus solely on their regions. The same applies to the UKGC. Hence, the most eminent licensing authorities are:

  • The United Kingdom Gambling Commission,
  • ARJEL (France),
  • AAMS (Italy).

On the other hand, offshore regulatory bodies issue licenses to casinos worldwide, allowing them to operate in multiple countries. The most common offshore jurisdictions are:

  • Kahnawake,
  • Curacao,
  • Costa Rica,
  • Panama,
  • Antigua and Barbuda. 

What If a Casino Doesn’t Hold Any License?

The absence of any regulation doesn’t necessarily mean the operator has bad intentions. However, every player needs to keep in mind that casinos without any regulations simply don’t fall under common gambling laws. Hence, there’s nothing that can prevent them from taking advantage of naive and inexperienced players. 

Moreover, an offshore entity that regulates casinos typically lacks transparency, leading to other issues. 

Also, when picking your casino operator, make sure its license covers your region. If your country is not on the list of those supporting particular regulations, you may encounter some inconveniences. In such cases, some casino payment methods, if not all, may be unavailable. Moreover, you could have problems withdrawing your funds. Hence, it is vital to check if the casinos’ regulation covers your residence and comply with its laws. 

Benefits Of Licensing For Casinos

Obtaining a license can have a significant impact on casinos’ reputations. Regulations show existing and potential punters that gambling establishments take great care of their players. Moreover, the license shows industry recognition. Hence, the more eminent regulation one casino holds, the higher level of transparency it will have. Thus, it makes it easier to establish a firm bond between the venues and players. 

How To Find Trusted Casino

As a newcomer, it is only natural to find it difficult to distinguish between legit and rogue casinos. Therefore, gambling novices need to use different tools while selecting an operator. Besides learning more about an institution that regulates casinos, many sources can help you find valid information related to the casino industry. 

Thanks to the digital age, you’re just one click away from the required resources to conduct your research. In other words, there are many dedicated websites to guide and educate potential gamblers. There, you can find casino professionals who gladly share their experiences with the rest of the community. 

Also, you find platforms designed for punters to share their experiences and opinions about various virtual casinos. In such places, you can find all the good and bad about particular gambling operators. 

For example, Spinia Casino is one of the most respected gambling establishments among punters, which offers a comprehensive gambling library and a high level of security, including an MGA license. Hence, if you look at Spinia casino complaints, you’ll find no significant concerns over this operator’s business model. Consequently, it is safe to conclude that this casino is perfectly safe for both new and experienced players. 

Final Thoughts

When picking a casino, make sure it has the appropriate permits. Reputable and trustworthy casinos hold the most eminent licenses. Thus, when looking at who regulates casinos, it is vital to do more research about the institution. That way, you can eliminate any potential inconveniences and focus solely on enjoying your favorite casino games. 

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