Licensing is vital in proving a casino business is legitimate. Moreover, regulation shows that particular gambling establishments comply with the law. As the gambling industry evolved, so did players who saw different sites coming and going. Consequently, skepticism naturally developed within the players. Although most casinos operate legally, we must admit that there are also illegitimate operators. Such rogue casinos aim to take advantage of the inexperienced and naive. To make things even worse, the visual difference between legit and scam platforms is almost imperceptible. Therefore, in the following lines, we’ll show you how to tell if an online casino is legit or not. 

Why Do Regulations Exist?

As in any other industry, customers and businesses must be protected. Online gambling usually requires the sharing of private information and banking details. Therefore, players must feel safe that their money and personal data are in a secure place. Regulatory institutions serve the purpose of routinely checking and monitoring the operation of online casinos. On the other hand, a trusted online casino that strives to have an honest relationship with players tends to obtain some licenses. 

Differences Between Gambling Authorities

The absence of one global casino authority led to the emergence of several regulatory entities. Consequently, licensing institutions differ in terms of the freedom they provide to casinos. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission, for instance, is relatively strict. Thus, this licensing authority has high regulatory standards and reviews casino businesses constantly. Also, the UKGC emphasizes a high level of transparency. 

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If a casino is regulated by any regulatory body – your money is safe.

Regional Licencing Bodies

Country licensing bodies are the strictest of all. Therefore, casinos which obtained regulation from such entities are subject to constant monitoring. Some of the largest country-level regulatory institutions are:

  • The United Kingdom Gambling Commission,
  • ARJEL in France,
  • AAMS in Italy.  

As a result, if you notice the platform holds any of these regulations, it is a good sign that the chosen online casino is legit. 

Offshore Licensing Bodies

Most of the offshore regulatory entities are on exotic islands like those in the Caribbean and Central America. There are some exceptions, however. Typically, such regulatory bodies are less strict than country-level licensing institutions. Therefore, the level of transparency is not that high. The most common offshore regulators are:

  • Kahnawake,
  • Panama,
  • Costa Rica,
  • Antigua and Barbuda,
  • Curacao. 

The fact is that these regulations allow casinos more freedom than other above-mentioned licensing authorities. It doesn’t mean operators which hold offshore licenses are not legit. It is possible for an offshore regulated casino to behave in the same manner as the country-level licensed one. However, we always advise players to double-check every information before depositing. 

License Coverage

Regulators have a list of requirements every licensed casino must follow. Besides the proper encryption method, players must be safe knowing that payouts, rake, and dealing sequences are conducted lawfully. Moreover, by obtaining a license, casinos need to follow previously set rules and standards such as:

  • Responsible Gaming Practices
  • RNG audits
  • Resolving Disputes
  • Casino Bonuses Advertisement
  • Players’ funds’ segregation

For those unaware, casino games are based on RNG. A Random Number Generator is software that makes sure every spin or round is utterly independent of the others. Therefore, operators need to check this software regularly and make sure the games’ algorithms are not altered or affected. 

Moreover, an online casino is legit; it will maintain a high level of transparency about its promotional structure. In other words, players need to know the truth about online casino bonuses and their restrictions (if there are any). Therefore, regulated casinos can not mislead players in any way. 

Is It Safe To Play On A Non-Licensed Platform?

Generally speaking, casinos without any license are riskier than the ones with the regulation. Many issues can come up if you engage with a non-licensed casino. First of all, you can have problems withdrawing your funds. Second of all, you can have trouble resolving disputes.  

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Always check if a casino has a license.

However, there are ways to distinguish genuine casinos from rogue ones. Conduct research and find out if there are complaints about an operator. Let’s take Betchan Casino as an example. Although this casino has relatively high wagering requirements, by looking at the Betchan casino complaints or reviews, you can notice the players’ satisfaction with high cashout speed and certificates of fairness.  

How To Find Regulated Casinos

As a newcomer, you may find it difficult to know if an online casino is legit or not. Therefore, you need to rely on experts’ opinions. There are numerous sources that you can use to gather enough information. Resources such as IRL Casino serve to provide you with a closer insight into the gambling industry and its inner workings. 

By using such sources, you would be able to identify legit casinos, thus making an educated decision. 

Regulations Don’t Cover Certain Regions

Finally, finding a regulated online casino should be of the highest importance. However, keep in mind that regulations can’t cover every corner of the world. That said, depending on your regional laws, even if the casino holds the most eminent license, it will bring you much good. Namely, if the particular license doesn’t cover your state, you may have problems depositing/withdrawing your funds. Hence, you must take care when choosing a casino.  

Final Thoughts

Searching for a safe and secure gambling environment can be challenging, but it’s also necessary. The security of your money and private information should be your top priority. For this reason, it is vital to pick a trusted and reputable casino. However, it is difficult to spot the difference between a legit operator and those looking to take advantage of inexperienced and naive players. Licenses serve to protect players from casinos’ mistreatment. The benefits of applying for a license are twofold.

On the one hand, casinos ensure transparency in front of both players and authorities. On the other hand, a license ensures players they have options should they encounter any issue during their gambling experience. Therefore, if you want to know if an online casino is legit, make sure the operator of your choice holds the appropriate license. 

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