Big Fish is a household name in the online gambling world. As such, one of the most sought-after conundrums for enthusiastic punters is how to get free chips on Big Fish Casino. Luckily, this online gambling provider gives away loads of free chips frequently. If you’re one of these enthusiastic gambling lovers, you’re in the right place. Here at IRL Casino, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Big Fish Free Chips.

Ways To Get Free Chips On Big Fish Casino

According to the casino, free chips are available to players via a variety of different channels. These include:

In-game currency includes gold and tickets, both of which players can win during gameplay. However, gamers can also receive and purchase tickets and gold as a result of in-app purchases. Alternatively, you can also subscribe to the casino email newsletter and receive (and redeem) promotions you receive this way.
For fans of social networks, Facebook represents another way to get free chips on Big Fish Casino. The best thing about using this globally popular social network to redeem promotions is that you do not need an active Facebook account. Simply visit the Big Fish Casino Facebook page and redeem promotions to win free chips.

In-Game Bonuses

These bonuses are among the most lucrative and widely available methods for claiming Big Fish free chips. For example, you can receive free chips for watching videos and spinning the Daily Spin reels once each day immediately after opening the game.

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Learn how to get free chips in a few simple steps.

Chip Bonus is another way to claim free chips. This offer grants players free chips every 30 minutes, and the bonus size corresponds to the player’s VIP level (higher level, higher bonus). The Daily Friend Bonus is also noteworthy and is an offer where players receive chips for adding friends to the casino. The maximum number of chips you can claim this way is 25,000, and you get 1,000 for each friend you add.
However, the Return Bonus is essential when looking to get free chips on Big Fish Casino. Merely opening and accessing Big Fish Casino at least once every day leads to automatic free chips as a result. Furthermore, players also receive additional free chips for every consecutive day they play, but the maximum amount also depends on your VIP level.

The Big Fish Casino Welcome Bonus: 100,000 Free Chips

It is commonplace for online casinos to offer a hefty welcome bonus to boost new registrations. All trustworthy online casino reviews should include extensive bonus section information. It is also not uncommon for new players to instantly receive impressive promotions as a “thank you” for signing up from the casino team. These promotions often come as free spins, cash, deposit match bonuses, and free chips. 

When it comes to Big Fish Casino, the bonus includes 100,000 tokens as the standard welcome offer for new players. This amount is typically common among reputable online gaming operators. You will encounter more lucrative welcome bonuses, but remember that these bonuses usually come with significantly higher bet amounts. 

In other words, these more lucrative bonus offers only appear to be more generous on the surface. Once you consider the underlying terms and conditions, you realize that players receive approximately the same amount of gaming as most other providers. 

How To Claim The Big Fish Casino 100,000 Welcome Bonus

When looking at how to get free chips on Big Fish Casino, the 100,000 tokens are available in one of two ways. Those who like to enjoy casino games from a smartphone or tablet need to only download the official casino app. As soon as you download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you should see the coins in your account balance. The process should work automatically immediately following the download. 

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Welcome bonuses can be quite handy for new players.

However, if you’re using a desktop device to access Big Fish Casino, claiming the bonus is a slightly different process. If desktop gaming is your preference, you will need to register an official casino account and share your personal and banking details with the casino. But as soon as you complete and verify your account, your free chips should also be readily available in your account balance.

This casino welcome bonus is pretty generous, although, in reality, it is also standard. In other words, numerous competing casino providers offer equally enticing bonuses. Regardless, the promotion still represents an exciting way to get to know the platform and available games for new users. 

Can I Use Promo Codes To Claim Big Fish Free Chips?

Promotional codes are convenient because they make it easier to claim specific bonus offers. For example, an online casino may provide new players with several exciting bonuses with similar benefits. Each operator is home to hundreds of punters at any given time. Such frequency makes it challenging to track which player claimed which offer.

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No promo codes here, sorry!

As a result, promo codes help with tracking and analytics and make the casino team’s job much more manageable. If you are looking to get free chips on Big Fish Casino, you will need to make do with the offers mentioned above. There are no promo codes available for claiming free chips at Big Fish, but not to worry. The methods listed above should be sufficient to help you claim countless free chips.

Final Thoughts

Big Fish Casino is one of the more generous casino operators on the market. Its most redeeming feature is the player-centric approach that has made Big Fish Casino so famous worldwide. The numerous bonus offers available to punters show this operator’s understanding of being a players’ casino. 

We hope that everything mentioned above can help you get free chips on Big Fish Casino. Remember to explore new deals and promotions regularly. Grab free promos as soon as they become available. Good luck! 

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