Online gambling is present in almost every world country. Millions of punters worldwide enjoy the excitement and various benefits of casino games, and operators usually look after players. However, mistakes happen in every business, and online casino gaming is no exception. Regardless of how reputable an online casino is (such as the ones listed at IRL Casino), absolute perfection doesn’t exist. Therefore, you may find yourself wondering how to file a complaint against a casino.

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Read our guide and learn how to file a complaint against a casino.

You should note that this process differs depending on the jurisdiction and part of the world. But, simultaneously, fundamental steps remain the same, and we’ve covered all of these steps below. So join us as we dig deeper into this painful but necessary procedure to ensure you avoid mistakes down the line.

How To File A Complaint Against A Casino: Step By Step Guide

The first step in the process of submitting your complaint against a casino operator includes the operator’s customer support department. We recommend choosing email as your communication channel instead of Live Chat because email records your correspondence clearly and chronologically. Make sure to include the following in your email clearly and visibly: your contact details, first and last name, and your account username.

Next, formulate your complaint clearly and in simple terms, with a detailed explanation. If you recall specific times and dates relevant to your complaint, include them in the email along with supporting evidence you may have. 

This step can also include asking the operator to acknowledge receiving your email. Simultaneously, you can also ask the representative to estimate how long the internal investigation will take before offering a solution.

What Happens When You Submit Your Complaint?

Following your initial email, the casino operator will investigate your complaint internally, which typically takes several days. However, you can also ask that a manager takes the lead in the investigation if you feel the casino is not investigating the complaint promptly or to your satisfaction. For instance, the most honest casino reviews will let you know if an operator has had any player complaints in the past.

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The process might take some time, because the operator will investigate your complaint internally.

Following the conclusion of the casino’s investigation, the operator will contact you to propose a solution. The complaint process ends at this point if you’re happy with the proposed resolution and decide to accept it. However, if you’re unhappy with the operator’s proposition, you can reach out to an ADR. This abbreviation stands for Alternative Dispute Resolution and represents independent regulatory bodies with the authority to re-investigate your complaint.

Online Casino Complaints: Examples

When it comes to processing complaints, standard procedure dictates that the casino operator conducts the initial investigation. It happens as soon as you file a complaint against a casino that you have problem with. However, depending on your location, you have additional options if you are unhappy with the proposed resolution. Before we look into these options, let’s observe some of the most common casino complaints:

  • Self-exclusion
  • Technical difficulties
  • KYC
  • Lengthy processing times
  • T&C.


To prevent the onset of gambling addiction, online casinos nowadays allow players to self-exclude from their sites. In other words, you can prevent yourself from logging into your account for a time. But, conversely, this process means that the casino cannot include you in their text message and email marketing campaigns. 

Therefore, self-excluding yourself from online gambling to learn you can still access your account or continue receiving marketing material should not occur. However, if it does, this situation is sufficient to cause a complaint with the operator.

Technical Difficulties

Online casino software is famous for being exceptionally reliable and safe to use. Such a high level of reliability comes from the fact that some of the world’s most advanced technology powers online casino gaming. However, these technologies are not perfect, and occasionally see glitches and technical errors. 

Besides interrupting gameplay, crashing software can also void an excellent win. However, most reputable online operators include a particular clause in their terms and conditions that absolves them from responsibility for software glitches and errors. Technical difficulties are just as common in online casino apps on your phone, which is another critical gaming aspect you should consider.

Regardless, it is still possible to complain about the glitch to the customer support team. If a technical issue does occur, top casino operators will find a way to compensate for your losses. Such a high customer support level is what distinguishes the leading operators from all the rest.


KYC is an abbreviation for “know your customer,” and this process represents a verification procedure the casino requires from all of its new players. The goal is to confirm that you are who you say you are before the operator allows you to open a legitimate casino account. 

Most reputable online casinos take this process very seriously as a method for preventing underage gambling. However, when going through the KYC, players need to submit identification documents, and delays in processing them often cause player complaints. Additionally, some operators are thorough and often require additional documentation, which further slows down the procedure.

Unfortunately, this aspect is crucial when registering at an online operator. As a result, it is best to be patient during KYC checks.

Lengthy Processing Times

Online casinos usually work fast to process players’ deposits, but withdrawals take more time. Top casino sites understand the importance of customer satisfaction and usually process withdrawals within hours. But, on the other hand, some operators unnecessarily prolong the process. That might be a reason for your to file a complaint against a casino.

However, slow withdrawals can occur due to legitimate reasons like a bank holiday weekend, ID document processing issues, or even win verification. Regardless, most of the time, the delays occur because operators do not process withdrawals as promptly as possible. 

In such cases, you can log a complaint to encourage the operator to hurry up when it comes to processing your cash-out request. Keep in mind that smartphone gaming is not yet reliable with every single operator, which could also cause withdrawal delays. When it comes to mobile casinos 101, countless casinos still struggle with the basics, so be patient if you prefer on-the-go gaming.


Players file complaints against casinos for numerous reasons, but failure to understand terms and conditions is among the most common. As a result, online operators feature comprehensive T&Cs that clearly state players and the casino’s rights and obligations towards each other. 

However, this site section is often extensive and laid out across numerous pages. Consequently, it can be complicated to read and understand, which causes player confusion. Wagering requirements, bonuses and promotions, and welcome package T&Cs are among the most common sources of confusion.

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Always read the fine print.

Additionally, players agree to these T&Cs by registering their casino account and claiming various bonus offers. Therefore, before you sign up at an online casino and place your first wager, it is vital to take the time to read through the T&Cs. Your goal should be to understand the various potential situations that may occur. And if anything goes bad – now you know how to file a complaint against a casino. Good luck! 

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