Security is certainly one of the top priorities when it comes to gambling activities and games of luck. And when we add an online factor and electronic cash transactions to the mix, the importance of safety standards skyrockets. From there, asking how secure online casino games are seems like a logical first step for every player. Since you’re about to bet your money and dive into the unknown, you would at least like to know if you’re being fooled, or in the worst case, if you’re exposed to a bigger security risk. 

We’ve been there at the beginning of our casino gambling journey, and we completely understand the wariness. On this page, we’ll explain the details leaving you with no doubts. You’ll get to know how online casino games work and what you need to check before accurately gauging a game’s safety.

How Does Online Gambling Work?

Offline and online casinos might seem like two very different things, but their work is actually based on the same principles. The selection of games is the same, and the rules and conditions are the same. Moreover, with the appearance of live gambling, even the aspect of human interaction remains the same. 

However, there are still a few different factors. Those factors are often responsible for players’ uncertainty and security doubts. 

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Online casinos work, believe it or not, online. There is no physical presence as a guarantee of safety, and there aren’t any managers to want to speak to if you start feeling your inner Karen. 

Yet once you get deeper into the topic, you realize that all those safety points are covered. Instead of managers and staff, there are license issuing authorities responsible for a fair-play and scam-free experience. And if you have some minor concerns, there’s always customer support, often available 24/7, that will try to solve all your issues. 

Yet, the main difference lies in the direct implementation of standards that determine how secure online casino games are. 

How to Tell if an Online Casino Game Is Secure? 

As we previously mentioned, safety and security are of utmost priority when dealing with online gambling

We’re depositing our real money and exposing our sensitive personal information. So, we’re not really thrilled by the idea of an online fruit machine stealing our identity and posting pathetic Facebook statuses or sending Amazon gift cards to our ex. 

Okay, this isn’t a realistic scenario. However, hackers might try to steal your money and your accounts, but only if you’re not careful enough. 

So before you go out there and make a generous deposit, make sure to check the following: 

The Casino’s License

The official gambling license is an essential feature for every online casino. It’s like a work permit for employees, a passport for travelers in a different country, and rum in your Mojito. In other words, it’s a legal must-have

You can check if a casino has an official license in just a few simple steps. When you open the website, head to the footer or About Us section. It should be disclosed that “X casino operates under Y with a license from Z.” 

Then, you should find a license number or a direct link that you can click and double-check the information. Some of the most common casino licensing authorities are from Curacao, Gibraltar and Malta, although there are many more.

If you’re having trouble finding licensing information, visit IRL Casino and simply search for the keyword “license.” When reviewing casinos, we make sure to check licenses and security first, as this is the most important thing for players looking for secure online casino games. There’s no point in reviewing a casino if it lacks the necessary legal rights to operate in a certain territory. 

Encryption Technology 

This type of technology is a must for every website in 2021, and not only for a gambling platform. Encryption is done through the usage of SSL certification, also known as the lock icon left to the URL in your browser. 

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) ensures that nobody except you and a casino can access the information on the website. This is extremely important when it comes to credit cards and transactions.

Without the SSL certificate, hackers would easily intercept and read your data and then do whatever they want with it (even those horrible things with Facebook and Amazon cards we mentioned earlier). 

However, if a site uses premium encryption, it’s way more difficult for them to do so. With an SSL certificate, they would require you to make a dumb mistake so they could attack (hint – no, you didn’t win a lottery, nor are there hot singles in your area waiting for you). 

Game Software Providers

A reputable game provider at a casino leads towards secure gaming. If you’ve found the right casino, now it’s time to figure out which providers on the market are reputable. 

Also, even in a secure setting, those game providers influence the overall gameplay experience and, more importantly, your chances of winning some money. 

So how to tell if a provider is reputable?

The truth is, there is no right way. The only thing you can check is the popularity and make an assumption according to that. 

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Among the most popular creators of secure online casino games providers are NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Play’n GO, Quickspin, Red Tiger Gaming and Betsoft. 

If you can’t find a game provider on the casino’s site, you can do the same as with licensing. Open some of our casino reviews and find the providers over there. 

For example, as you head to our MasonSlots review (which is a leading platform when it comes to casino games), you can see that their portfolio prominently features Play’n GO, NetEnt and Pragmatic Play games. 

Publicly Available Reputation 

The least specific and most logical step is to check the particular casino’s reputation within the community. Simply look out for unbiased player-generated reviews and comments around the internet and see if there are any red flags.

Keep in mind that people are quick to call a casino game (or a casino itself) is a scam as soon as they fail to triple the $10 lunch money they deposited. Additionally, the casino industry is a fierce field. Competition is tremendous, and many will do a lot to break the ones standing in their way, so there might be many fake reviews. 

However, you need to navigate this tricky environment yourself. If something’s too good to be true, it’s probably not true. And if you’re looking at only one source, chances are you’re not getting an unbiased point of view. 

So go out there, roll those researcher’s sleeves, and besiege Google with queries such as “how secure are online casino games.” 

Or, if you just have poor research skills and questionable IT literacy, go towards that casino review section on our site and read what we have to say. 

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