Bonuses are one of the best things in online casinos. Most gambling venues (or at least good ones) offer them to gain more popularity among players and, as a result, beat their competitors. Moreover, they usually have several different offers reserved for various occasions, specific days, and so on. Additionally, one of the most common online casino bonuses is free spins. 

Nevertheless, many players seem to overlook the long list of restrictions and requirements. Hence, learning how free spins work is always a good idea. Here’s what you need to know before claiming them:

Free spins are subject to wagering requirements

If you think free spins are entirely free, think again. Namely, they usually have a wagering requirement attached. As a result, you can’t just withdraw as much as you want, even though you technically won it. 

But, what exactly is the wagering requirement in the first place? Here’s a simple example that should clarify it.

Pay illustration.
Free spins aren’t always free.

Namely, you claimed 25 free spins that came with the wagering requirement of 20x. So, you play and win some portion of the money. Now, you’re supposed to roll that winning over 20 times to request a withdrawal. 

However, some (rare) casinos offer bonus spins that come without wagering requirements. Namely, these bonuses are called wager-free, and you should go for it if you get lucky enough to find it. 

You have a time limit to meet wagering requirements

As you can imagine, you can’t use your spins forever. Online casinos (almost) always impose a time-frame. Hence, you have to meet the wagering requirement before the time runs up. Moreover, it can be a day, a week, or even a month. 

Even though most players spend their bonus offers immediately, the time limit is an essential factor to keep in mind.

Sometimes, you’ll face a maximum winning amount limitation

Specifically, bonuses sometimes come with additional restrictions, such as a maximum winning amount. In other words, the casino doesn’t allow you to withdraw more than, let’s say, $100. Sometimes, jackpots are excluded from this restriction, and if so, it’s stated in the bonus policy. 

You probably can’t spend your spins on any game you want

In most cases, the casino already chose a game you have to spend your free spins on. Namely, it’s usually one of the most popular slots. Hence, you probably won’t be able to choose the game of your preference.

However, some casinos allow you to spend your free spins on several games. Again, this information is usually outlined under the bonus terms and conditions.

Not all bonus spins are the same

As you probably know, casino bonuses are various, and so are the free spins deals. Namely, they may come in different shapes and forms:

  • Deposit Free Spins
  • No Deposit Free Spins
  • Welcome Package

The most usual type of free spins bonus is the one that requires a deposit. For example, let’s say this deal is available every Wednesday. So, you may need to deposit at least $50 on that day to claim free spins. 

Moreover, the number of free spins you can claim may depend on your deposited amount. For instance, if you deposit $20, you get 20 free spins; but for a deposit of at least $50, you receive 50 of them. Fortunately, this type of bonus isn’t that rare, and it has its pros.

However, the best free spins bonus doesn’t require a deposit at all. And as you can imagine, you won’t find this deal at every corner. Given that players often try to abuse them, no deposit free spins are rare in the online gambling world

Furthermore, bonus spins that require no deposit usually come with a high wagering requirement and a low maximum winning amount limit. Hence, even if you find it, you should read the bonus terms thoroughly.

Finally, free spins often make part of bonus packages, such as a welcome offer. Namely, they sometimes come with a free cash bonus. The vital thing to keep in mind here is that bonus offers may come with different requirements and restrictions than the free cash part. For example, they commonly have a higher wagering requirement attached.

How to tell if the deal is good?

So, how to tell solid free spins bonuses and less attractive ones apart? Namely, it all depends on the type of deal you’re about to claim. 

If you come across no deposit free spins, you can expect a higher wagering requirement – 30x and more. Moreover, it’s unusual to receive a significant number of no deposit free spins. Additionally, you can expect to face a (quite restrictive) maximum winning amount limit.

However, if we’re talking about deposit free spins or those that come with free cash part, the wagering requirement shouldn’t be too high. Simultaneously, imposing the maximum winning amount restriction isn’t much fair, but it’s not uncommon either. And finally, the number of free spins the casino offers matters too – the more, the better.

How to claim your bonus spins?

If you decided that the deal is good enough, you should feel free to claim it. However, keep in mind that the casino is obligated to outline the whole procedure. Namely, you’ll probably find it on the promotional page or under the Bonus Policy section.

In most cases, all you need to do is log in, deposit the minimum amount required (if it’s a deposit type of bonus), and select the bonus. 

But sometimes, you may need to take several additional steps. For example, you may need to enter the code necessary to claim the deal. Sometimes, you may even need to ask customer support for it. 

Keep in mind that claiming the bonus isn’t supposed to claim the bonus. So, if the procedure is too confusing and lengthy, you may reconsider sticking with that casino at all. 

Additional reasons for reading bonus policy

No matter how boring it is, going through the Bonus Policy is always a good idea. Namely, all the crucial information should be stated there. So, the details such as a wagering requirement, time-frame, and maximum winning amount limit are most likely to be there.

Read the fine print before depositing any money.

Moreover, some casinos impose other, less common terms. For example, a free spins bonus is meant only for players who deposited using a specific payment method. Additionally, you’ll find the list of restricted countries from claiming bonuses under the Bonus Policy section – and you should always check it out, just in case. In most cases, there’s also a list of games you can’t use your free spins on.

Finally, the crucial reason to read Bonus Policy is the possibility the casino imposes unfair terms. Some (less reputable) casinos even offer sticky bonuses – the ones that serve “only for fun” and can’t be withdrawn. Namely, sticky bonuses are signs of a predatory policy of operating. Accordingly, you should avoid the casino in question without further thinking. 

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