Gambling today mostly takes place online. Also, online gambling today mostly takes place on the go. Casino apps have become accessible to all thanks to advances in technology. The opportunity to enjoy casino gaming on the move is ideal for people who lead busy lives.

But, let’s start from the top and go over the process of playing casino games through an app. 

Getting Started With Casino Apps

You need to create an account at your chosen online casino before you can play. Registering at an online casino is straightforward. Every gambling operator has a dedicated section for new players. You fill our your information, confirm your account, and you can play.

A man researching an casino app.
If you like online casinos, you’ll love casino apps.

You can choose between two different options for playing via mobile. The first option is to play directly through your phone’s web browser. The second option is to download a dedicated app and use it for playing online

Downloading casino apps is easy. In most cases, you will have downloading and installation instructions from the online casino. However, you should keep in mind an essential difference between apps and browser-based gaming

Generally speaking, apps are more practical and provide the smoothest gaming experience. But, accessing a casino’s website via browser allows for a wider choice of games. Browser-based games adapt to your input method and screen size, thanks to Java or HTML5. 

It is a great idea to do some research before you register at an online casino. You can go through different casino reviews to see if the operator is a good match for you. Also, it may be wise to look into specific casino apps. 

What To Look For in Casino App Reviews?

There is no arguing about tastes. Each player has different aspects they look for in a casino app. At the same time, there are hundreds of online casinos and casino apps available today. Going through each app to see if it is a good fit for you does not make sense.

Instead, there are several factors you can observe to learn whether an app has potential. This process may seem longer or more complicated than simply diving in and playing. However, working smarter instead of just harder is crucial, especially when it comes to gambling.

Here are the factors you should look at when researching an app:

  • Offers & promotions
  • Payment methods
  • Customer support
  • Selection of games

Offers & Promotions

Online casinos provide compelling reasons to become a depositing player. Offers and promotions in casino apps are among the most convincing. You have numerous attractive choices if you are looking to play poker, for example, on your smartphone.

But, what is most likely to sway you towards a particular casino? The deciding factor is usually the kind of offer the site makes you for your deposit. The offer you get can be free spins, bonus cash, or tangible goods. Pay attention to the offers when you choose a casino app.

Payment Methods

The appeal of an online casino is the opportunity to win prizes. Playing casino games for real money first requires you to deposit funds. An online casino that does not allow players to deposit cash via casino apps does not make sense. 

This industry has always considered payment processing a delicate subject. A new delivery method for gambling games is an additional complication. But, you can attach your in-app deposits to your Google Play account in some countries. This feature eliminates the need to enter additional banking information.

A man signing up to a casino app.
Casino apps are always fun to explore!

Keep in mind that this payment feature is only available in some locations. Regardless, pay close attention to available payment methods. Payments are one of the most critical parts of casino experience, and by extension, casino apps as well.

Customer Support

Different gambling apps provide players with varying levels of service. You are at the mercy of an internet connection every time you are downloading casino apps. You are likely to have questions during this process, especially if it is your first time. 

Customer support plays a vital role when players have questions. You can usually reach out to customer support via the official casino website. However, it is essential to look for casino apps with built-in support features like FAQ and live chat.

Selection of Games

There is no reason to download an app that does not offer games you would like to play. You can consider downloading if the app has games you might try in the future. Don’t fall prey to glimmering graphics and design

Look for a combination of classic casino games and recent variants. Casino apps that offer video poker and blackjack in variety with traditional slots are a good example.

Best iPhone Casino Apps

Playing and winning prizes is no fun when you have to go through dozens of casino apps first. You are no stranger to the number of apps in the iTunes store if you own an iPhone or iPad. Here is a list of tried and tested best iPhone casino apps you should try:

Mr. Green Casino

You have probably heard of this casino if you have read any casino app reviews. The Mr. Green Casino app won the “Online Casino Operator” category three years in a row at one point. In 2016, it won the “Mobile Operator of the Year” title also at the International Gaming Awards.

You can play more than 380 games in this app. The best developers in the business provide games under different headings. These headings include All Games, Table Games, Jackpot Games, Top Rated, Video Slots, and New Games. The promotions in this app also receive regular updates, so make sure to check it out.

Leo Vegas Casino

The best thing about this casino app is that you can choose from more than 400 casino games. Fans around the world love the simple navigation of the main website. This transparent design recipe also works well for the app. 

You will find the most popular titles in this app in the first slide section. The latest promotions are available in the top window. You can also quickly search through the impressive list of games by hitting the lion paw icon.

Bet365 Casino

Casino app reviews always mention this industry giant in some way. This app comes with large icons, easy navigation, and quick loading. You can swipe up and down to find your perfect game, or make your choice by category. 

There is a broad array of games at Bet365. Roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and Texas Hold’em are several examples. Also, you can enjoy a selection of video poker games, retro, and video slots. 

Best Android Casino Apps

While more widespread than iOS-powered devices, Android casino apps are more complicated. This issue has nothing to do with casino apps, but the Android platform. You must know how different and challenging it can be to download and install an Android app. Regardless, here are a couple of the best Android casino apps:

  • 888Casino
  • Betway Casino
  • BGO Casino
  • Unibet Casino
  • Sky Casino

888 Casino

This online casino does not need any special introduction. 888 Casino has been on the market since 1997. 888 has survived countless rivals to become one of the most reliable gambling operators. 

You can download the 888 casino app on the main website. 888 Casino provides numerous rewards, promotions, and deals to app players daily. But, the games you can play in this app are the real main attractions. 

Betway Casino

The Betway Casino app is perfect for players who prefer casino games. But, you can also enjoy other options for gambling games here. Players worldwide recommend this casino as one of the best slot machine app options for Android users. 

You can find interesting features in the site’s online slots. Theme-wise, expect to find slots games that cover Cleopatra to Game of Thrones and everything in between. Additionally, there is a significant cash bonus you can claim as a new player.

BGO Casino

Online slots exist in many shapes, forms, and on many platforms. But, the BGO Casino platform provides players with 250 games with ridiculous bonus rounds. Online slots are all about thrilling opportunities and excitement. 

You can also specify the volatility of the slots that you choose by the number of coins. You can choose the volatility level that suits you the most. Remember that the value of your winnings will go up with higher volatility.

Closing Thoughts

Casino apps are quickly taking over the online gambling industry. Mobile gambling has come a long way in recent years. However, things are only just starting to get interesting. 

The quality of mobile devices will continue to improve. At the same time, the way players interact with gambling could soon become very different. Online casino apps will thrive with the help of virtual and augmented reality technologies. 

The future of mobile casino apps is bright. There is no reason not to have fun and win prizes as long as you play responsibly. Good luck!

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