Long story short – yes, online casinos often accept American Express for deposits and withdrawals. Yet, despite AmEx’s popularity, this credit card still isn’t a must-have banking method for all online operators. 

Speaking of other cards, Visa and MasterCard are found at online casinos more frequently, and you can use them everywhere.  

Also, as technology develops, we’re seeing some major changes in the financial segment. More traditional casino payment methods, including bank transfers, are greatly decreasing in popularity, while modern systems are taking over. 

What’s more, some new systems that have never existed before have been implemented in recent years. These include cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, and other more convenient payment solutions. 

So what you can do with American Express in casinos? And why should you care?

Why Should You Choose AmEx as a Casino Payment Method? 

As we already mentioned, American Express (whether as a debit or a credit card) is still among the popular payment options in online gambling. There are several main reasons why players choose this one over the competitors, and we’re going to list the main perks. 

However, each user has its own story, or you simply might be used to this all-American card, which is also completely fine, and casinos won’t judge you (as long as you’re not winning too much). 


Safe online betting is a priority for every online casino enthusiast. The last thing you want to find is someone abusing your card while you’re not even aware of that. 

Also, a credit card and your money aren’t the only things that are in danger. Hackers might steal your entire identity and harm your entire computer and every connected device.

However, none of these unfortunate things will happen if you’ve taken at least essential preventive measures. One of those measures includes using a reliable and safe payment method, and guess what—casinos that accept American Express are certainly on the safe list. 

Banks associated with AmEx cards and the card provider itself have multiple-step security authentication that limits fraudulent activities from happening. Also, their safety and security standards are industry-leading.


Another quite apparent reason behind using American Express as the main payment method is their reputation. They are certainly one of the most popular services both in the US and globally. 

So if you’re using an Amex card to shop for groceries or receive your salary, chances are you’ll be using it for online transactions as well.


While there are some more convenient banking methods for online casinos (more on that later), American Express still belongs to the “convenient” category. 

Let’s start with the most important part – you have a physical card in your wallet, which is probably in your pocket or, in the worst case, in the drawer or on the countertop. All you have to do to deposit money is take the card, read the code on it, type that same code online, and voila: you’re ready to spin those reels. 

As such, processing times are among the fastest when you use American Express to deposit and withdraw money to/from your casino account. 

Deposits at casinos that accept American Express are logically instantaneous, and to withdraw, you’ll have to wait up to 5 working days max. Keep in mind that some casinos offer an instant withdrawal or a withdrawal that doesn’t take more than one or two working days. 

And as the best part, the ease of use is really on-point here. Just as we discussed, you only have to take the card, type in digits, and transfer the bucks. 

American Express Withdrawal and Deposit Fees

With the privilege of using a convenient payment method comes price as well. In fact, each casino banking method has certain fees that are billed mostly from your winnings. 

Man holding money.

Here is everything you need to know about AmEx withdrawal and deposit options at online casinos.

Also, there are two types of fees that you are supposed to pay. The first one is a fee associated with the credit card, or more precisely, the bank issuing a credit card. You might pay that fee either when you deposit or when you withdraw money.

Also, we can’t tell you the precise fee amount as each bank has its own set of fees. However, this rarely exceeds 2%. 

The second fee is the one set by the casino that accepts American Express. This also differs from a casino to a casino, yet there are still some general guidelines. For instance, there are mostly no fees associated with deposits. In other words, you’ll be able to play with the entire amount of your deposit. 

However, since you didn’t pay a deposit fee, it means you’ll have to do it during withdrawal. Withdrawal fees often range from 1 to 2%, while some casinos with less favorable conditions might charge up to 5%. 

List of the Best American Express Online Casinos

There are numerous online casinos with American express as a viable payment method, and here we’ll present you with our three favorites.

#1 Betchan Casino

Betchan Casino isn’t the most popular online casino on the planet, yet once you hear who’s behind it, everything will make more sense. It belongs to Playamo – a leading online gambling platform. With Betchan, they are trying to promote the brand to a broader audience.

The main feature we liked is the Betchan live section, where you can play industry-leading live casino games, including poker, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette.

Also, they have an amazing bonus for new members, so when you make the account and deposit funds, the casino will reward you with up to €400 and 120 Free Spins for slots. 

Sounds good enough? 

Now take your American Express, follow the link to claim the bonus and start with the premium gaming journey. 

#2 Royal Ace Casino

Royal Ace is an American Express online casino with a proven history and well-established popularity. They opened the gates back in 2009. Since then, they have constantly been developing and increasing their portfolio of games, bonuses, and appealing features. 

The current welcome offer includes a 200% deposit bonus that can go up to a mind-blowing €4,000. 

There are certain requirements that you’ll have to fulfill before being able to withdraw a full bonus amount. However, it’s definitely worth checking out. 

#3 Spinia Casino

Are you even a real casino enthusiast if you don’t have a Spinia account already open? 

Launched in 2018 and operated by N1 Interactive Ltd., Spinia is one of the top-performing online casinos nowadays. They are among the leaders in the online gaming world, and despite their relatively young age, they managed to beat lots of other, more serious competitors. 

The key to their success lies in the right combination of high-quality casino games, industry-leading bonuses, and an unbeatable user experience. 

The welcome bonus might not seem as shiny, yet the €250 & 50 Free Spins is quite decent if we take other factors into consideration.

And of course, they are offering lots of different banking methods. Naturally, Spinia is also an online casino that accepts American Express. 

American Express Alternatives in Online Gaming 

But what if you don’t want to bet using American Express, and you just opened this page to see how bad this credit card is? 

No problem – here are a few American Express alternatives that offer advantages that are hard to beat by any old-school credit or debit card. 


Neteller and Skrill are among the most convenient e-wallets for online gambling activities. Although other e-wallets such as PayPal are also a good option for online casinos, we first recommend these two as they offer the best rates and the lowest fees. 

The first benefit of using an e-wallet is processing time. With credit cards, you’ll have to wait a few days before your winnings are available on the account. In other words, there is a withdrawal waiting time of up to 5 working days.

Skrill and Neteller usually don’t have such a long waiting time, and the payment is mostly processed in a matter of minutes. If you happen to have a waiting time for these two, it means that your casino is not as efficient, and they need extra time to verify your winnings. 

The transactions are on your account as soon as the other side sends the funds to you. Also, these are among the safest payment methods as they are perfectly aware of hackers, phishers and other frauds, so they make sure to maximize the security of their online users. 


Crypto is the currency of the future. It is as idealistic as it seems – there are no middlemen banks, no processing fees, and everything is 100% private and encrypted. 

Encryption and safety are the main factors here, as the casino and you are the only two parties who have the information about the transaction, which means no sudden interceptions in between. 

Crypto illustration.

Crypto is the currency of the future.

And do we even need to speak about security here? Cryptocurrencies are a much safer option due to extremely high privacy protocol standards, and there’s no way for hackers to get your information. 

Speaking of other benefits such as processing times and fees, crypto truly excels here. Fees depend on your provider, yet it’s rarely higher than at online casinos that accept American Express. Plus, fees are set to a minimum, and the only fees you could pay are those taken by the casino.

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